Posted by : Jameson Durall Sunday, January 11, 2015

As I was thinking over what New Years Resolutions I should have for 2014, a buddy of mine helped convince me to try 365 new beers.  I had recently started using the Untappd app to track the beers I I can rank them and help remember if I want to have them again.  It has a unique beers section that allowed me to easily track my goal.  If you want to follow me on Untapped, my profile can be found HERE

Any time I went into a restaurant or bar, the first thing I would do is look on the menu for something that I hadn't tried before.  Just that goal alone got me to try some amazing beers I would have skipped over in the past...Including local brews whenever I visited a new city.  I also had beer class to help.  On Monday nights at Radio Maria we try small pours 10 beers (then finish off all the extra!) so I got to try a lot of new beers this way.

So as August 1st, 2014 rolled around...I enjoyed a nice Chocolate Stout as #365 at a pub in my home state with someone I care about.  I even got this sweet profile picture out of it :) But that left three months in the year, so what was I gonna do now? Obviously up my goal to 500!

On December 22nd, the buddy that gave me the idea to do this in the beginning brought me a bottle of 2006 Bourbon County Stout to celebrate as beer 500.  It was amazing and I got to enjoy it with a small group of close friends.

Overall this was a complete blast to complete throughout the year and by far the best resolution I've ever made :)  I recommend it to anyone that wants to be exposed to lots of amazing beer!

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