Posted by : Jameson Durall Monday, January 30, 2012

Kian and I finished up the campaign in LEGO Harry Potter 2 today and had a great time as usual.  They made some enhancements to this version that made it even better than the first one and yes...I know it's actually called Years 5-7 but that wouldn't fit cleanly in the header ;)

The mission lengths are really good, averaging around 20 minutes each and allowing me to ration out the time easily with my son.  They also did a good job of making all the objectives very clear so that we didn't get frustrated trying to figure out how to LEGO Batman suffered from.

They made some fun gameplay improvements as well.  When we played through the previous game it always seemed like Ron was an afterthought and barely useful.  They addressed that in this version by adding Weasley Boxes that can only be used by the family and give various temporary abilities and ways to clear the path.

From a Developer's perspective, I am so jealous at how they got to reuse so much of the school grounds from the previous game.  They did add a lot two it, but having that to start with had to be a huge time saver and benefit.  Hermione also has her "bag of holding" from the movie which works as an easy way to give the player basically any kind of mission progression item they need.  This gave them great freedom in being creative in the missions and it added a lot to the experience.

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