Posted by : Unknown Sunday, January 29, 2012

In an effort to clear out my backlog, I jumped back into Darksiders...which I had only put about an hour into when it released.  I always wanted to finish it and I thought it would only take me 8-10 hours to get through, boy was I wrong.

The combat systems reminded me a lot of God of War, but the game really shined in how you explore the world.  I often felt like I was playing Legend of Zelda as I would come across something I couldn't get to and make mental notes to return when I had some new item or ability I didn't yet know about.

They did a fantastic job of giving new weapons and abilities pretty frequently throughout the entire course of the game.  Every time I assumed I had everything...there would be something new to show up.  On top of that, each area of the world was custom tailored to utilized the new trinket that you've just been given.  So, not only was it fun and exciting but I also felt powerful and well trained before the end of the encounter.

In the end, it took me well over 20 hours to complete the game and I had a complete blast the whole time.  It remained fresh and exciting throughout.  There were a few battles that made me want to throw my controller, but it reminded me more of the old school days than really frustrating me.  I can't wait for the sequel coming soon...I may have to ask Haydn for a build this week so I can check it out.

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