Posted by : Jameson Durall Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Unofficial Guide Walt Disney World 2011 (Unofficial Guides)

I've just finished reading the Good Book 2011 edition and now I'm ready to start tailoring my daily touring plans for our upcoming trip.  I started out by printing out the One Day Adult touring plans and had them handy as I was reading.  Whenever I came across something I want to plan on doing that's not part of the touring plan, I write down a note on the plan so I can add it in later.

My next step is to cross out any attractions that are closed during our visit (like Star Tours and Splash Mountain) or that we don't care to see (like American Idol Experience).  I then use these vacancies to slot in the extra attractions mentioned earlier in places that fit based on where we are in the park at the time.  If a slot remains empty, no worries...we'll either move on to the next thing, plan a snack break, or take a break to shop.  I'd also love to hear any suggestions for must see things that are off the beaten path.
Our plan is to do the One Day Adult plans on the first day in each park since it was so successful for us on our last trip.  But, as I mentioned in an earlier post, my mistake last trip was planning to ride everything again on the second day.  This time, our plan is to take a much more relaxed approach on the second day by removing rides we now know we don't need to see again.  In addition, I'm leaving in time for doing character greetings and "sight seeing" in each of the areas like World Showcase and Innoventions.  We have a third day planned for Epcot and plan to do things like the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure.

The Crowd Calendar also predicts very low crowds for our trip which should allow for even more relaxed touring than I'm used to.  That would be a welcome addition :)

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