Posted by : Jameson Durall Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I mention Challenge Groups a lot and I'm often asked for more details.  Hopefully this will give you an idea of what a Challenge Group is and how it can help jump start you toward reaching your fitness goals.

What exactly is a Challenge Group?

The Quick answer is that it's an online accountability group where participants learn and encourage each other toward their personal fitness goals.  I participated in one some time ago and it's what showed me that I wanted to be a fitness coach and help others get the same results!

The best part about these groups is that it's a SAFE place to work on your own fitness goals, because everyone else is in the same boat.  Also, the accountability factor is huge for so many people. It's the daily kick in the butt they need to stick with it and see results.

How can a Challenge Group help me?

I spend time with each person before the group starts to nail down some real, attainable, goals based on what's important to them.  We write them down and then compare them to how the feel at the end of the group.  Do you want to lose some weight?  How about inches from your waist?  Want more energy? Greater Focus?  These are all results that participants notice by the end of the program.

How long does a Challenge Group last?

The groups take place over the course of four weeks and generally start at the beginning of the month.  I use the first week to give preparation information so you know what kinds of foods to buy and are mentally prepared for the work that's coming.  Then the next three weeks are where the real work takes place.  They say that 21 days to make a habit...well I can at least assure you that you'll come out with noticeable results and a plan for a healthy lifestyle going forward.

What do I have to actually do during the Challenge Group?

Each day I post health and fitness education to read and then each evening you post how your day went.  Did you get in your exercise for the day?  How about drinking all of the required water?  Then you get to talk about why you didn't hit every goal that day and how you might be better prepared for overcoming that obstacle going forward.

Are you going to be perfect every day?  Of course not!  But the goal is to learn to recover from those bad days and come out with the tools to make the right decisions every day going forward.  This is not hard stuff, you just have to be willing to do it.  I'll teach you everything you need to know :)

What comes after the Challenge Group?

Well, that's up to you!  You'll have all the tools you need to continue toward your fitness goals and make the right food choices.  Some people want to participate again down the road, the accountability is always nice.  Maybe you'll decide that you want to run Challenge Groups on your own!

How can I join!?

This is the easiest part!  All you have to do is sent me a message on Facebook or Email me and I'll get you all the details about my upcoming group.  Let's get you started on your fitness journey today!

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