Posted by : Jameson Durall Thursday, November 11, 2010

I've now completed one full week of my Gaming Weight Loss plan to lose 30 lbs.  I was nervous when I stepped on the scale...but happy to see I'm down 3 lbs!  I was hoping to average about 3 lbs a week so at least I'm on pace.

As I've mentioned before, I'm a little disappointed in Your Shape Fitness Evolved because of it doesn't track my diet and has very little in the way of motivating me to come back each day.  Additionally, the routine has been the exact same thing every day and is currently only 15 minutes long.  But, I'm going to stick with it for now since my copy of The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout will be here in less than 2 weeks.

My diet is the place that I feel an early success.  I've been doing great with with two meals a day and then relaxing a bit on the third meal.  I usually eat a bigger lunch to help me get through the day without feeling hungry.  I met with a nutritionist a few months ago and she suggested that I take one day a week and eat whatever I want.  I find that helps me not feel like I'm "dieting" as much as changing my lifestyle.

Overall, I'm happy with the results from my first week but realize that I have a long way to go.  I'm sure I'll be making tweaks to my plan over the coming weeks so I'm open to any suggestions.

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