Posted by : Unknown Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's been way too long since I've given an update on my training progress for the Disney World Wine & Dine Half Marathon!  There is now just 25 days until the event and I've made huge strides since completing my Couch to 5K course earlier this spring.

Yesterday I completed my first 11 mile run...took two hours of constant running at an average of 10:55 minute miles.  I still can't believe that I'm now capable of this kind of run, but it was a slow build up of endurance over many weeks of training.  I'm convinced that it would have been way more difficult if I didn't have my running partner, Lisa, to keep me motivated on these long runs.  I'm super excited (and relieved) that she will be there to run the half marathon with me!

I've had some struggles along the way...with the major one being a knee injury on my first attempt at 9 miles several weeks ago.  My IT band (the muscle that connects from the outside of your knee) was injured and made it really difficult to run more than a couple of miles.  The distance I could get with each run varied, but I was getting really concerned about making it to 13.1 miles.

A few weeks ago, I started looking for something to help and came across this IT Band Strap that holds the muscle in place and keeps it from rubbing against the knee.  This was a miracle for me.  Once I started using it, the pain went away almost immediately and I was able to do longer runs again.  Not only that, but it's allowed my knee to heal over that time and I CAN run without it now...though I'm not going to do that until after the race just to be safe :)

Aside from this injury, it's just been a matter of slowly increasing my run distance each week and getting ready to run the 13.1 on November 10th.  I'm right on track and can't wait to experience my first Half Marathon, especially since it's at my favorite place on earth.

I'll update more as I get closer to race day!

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  1. Where do you feel the IT band pain? I have a pain that in my right knee that mostly hurts on the inner part behind my knee. Sometimes I feel a dull pain on the front right of my knee cap but it is less common that the other pain.

  2. IT band goes along the outside of your knee, when it can't move. I've heard of your injury too, but can't remember what it's called.

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