Posted by : Jameson Durall Monday, March 05, 2012

We decided on dinner at Teppan Edo for our second night of the trip since our son isn't a fan of Asian foods.  After a short wait, we headed back and my wife was complimented with "You look very young!" when the hostess noticed we had been married for 10 years.  We were seated with 5 other people, but were on the end of the table so we felt a bit like we were on our own.

Chef Yasumasa started off by spreading out some onions, mushrooms and zucchini to get things going while confirming our orders for the meats we'd like along with it.

He did a great job of engaging the table and keeping us interested in what he was doing.  He then began stacking up the slices of onion...

After being assembled, he poured some oil into it and turned it into an Onion Volcano!

Chef then began cutting the tails off of the shrimp he was preparing and then launched them into the air before catching them in a bowl he had in his off hand.  He was cracking us up with comments and facial expressions the whole time.

After preparing all the vegetables and adding in the noodles he gave everyone a nice portion...then gave this to me.

He then said to me "What...not enough?  Ah! you need a noodle." This is what He gave me at that point :)

After seeing my sadness at this he then gave me this wonderful portion of food that was delicious while waiting for my steak and chicken.

I put the camera down at this point and began eating but the rest of the evening was a total blast.  We enjoyed the food and then had the Ginger Chocolate Cake for dessert...which they brought out with candles to celebrate our anniversary.
We exited the restaurant to find that the Japan Pavilion is beautiful at night.  So, I spent a few minutes taking pictures while Sarah shopped in the stores below.

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