Posted by : Unknown Thursday, January 26, 2012

I have a bad habit, like many people, where I buy a lot of games and then they sit on my shelf mocking me as I try to find time to play them.  Well, I've decided that this year is when I put a serious dent in that stack!

I have a comfortable chair set up in front of the tv and have my Astro Gaming A40 wireless headset for fantastic sound that won't wake up my son at night.  I also have a supportive wife who encourages me in my endeavor (and is also absorbed by Skyrim). 

There will be a huge range of games including co-op stuff I play with my son as well as lots of Action, Shooter and RPG games on my own.  In order to keep my self going and to keep track, I've added a list on the right side of my blog that shows which games I've finished so far.  I'll also do individual posts as I work through each game to give my thoughts on them.

I also have a separate goal to read a lot of books this year, so I've added a list of books as well to keep me motivated.

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