Posted by : Jameson Durall Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kian loves sports just like I did when I was young, so i'm having him try lots of things to see which ones he enjoys most.  Soccer and T-ball have been the top sports so far but he started showing interest in golf over the last few months and asking if he could come with me when I went to play.
AccuLength 500 Series Junior Golf Set, Right Handed

After doing some research, I bought him a set of Accu-Length clubs because they can be lengthened as he grows.  This allowed me to spend money on clubs once and get 2-4 years out of them even with a rapidly growing boy.  He also got a big kick out of the Sponge Bob golf balls that I got for him :)
I began working with him in the back yard but quickly realized that I wasn't sure how to teach a beginner like him.  Since getting started on the right foot is so important, I was happy to hear about the week of intro lessons at Legends of Champaign. They did a really good job of teaching them the basics and being very patient with them.
Each day ended with them playing some holes of golf and on the last day the entire 1.5 hours was spent on the course.  I had a blast driving the cart around with Kian and another boy and seeing how much fun they had as well as how well he did.

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