Posted by : Jameson Durall Sunday, January 21, 2007

I'm experiencing a lot of the same frustrations with Lost Planet that I suffered with Dead Rising. (Could it have anything to do with them both being made by Capcom on the same engine? :) I'm finding that I die a lot more often than I think I should early in a game and it often isn't clear what my objectives are. I started Mission 3 last night and almost right away I'm confronted by a huge worm Boss Battle. I spent almost 3 hours figuring out how to kill it, which I don't mind, except that after it died...another one just appeared in it's place and I received nothing for it. (not even an achievement unlocked) So, I look up on the FAQ to find that most people just avoid it and run to the next area. That's a bit frustrating.

But, as with Dead Rising I find myself wanting to play despite my frustrations. So, hopefully I'll be able to finish the single player without being brought to tears.

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