Posted by : Jameson Durall Friday, October 27, 2006

I've been playing Warhammer Fantasy Battles lately(the tabletop game) and have been noticing how the 14 various army types seem to fit the personality of the player. If not their personality in all cases, it does at least allow someone to play the game in the style they prefer.

I play the Wood Elves, which allow me to move swiftly around the board avoiding hand-to-hand confrontations and take people down with bows from range. Dwarves allow my buddy to sit back with a very tough army and play defensively against the on coming enemy. Orcs and Goblins allow the player to have a powerful, but unreliable army...basically you have to rely on luck in a lot of circumstances.

The armies each have VERY distinct personalities, abilities, and strategies. The player then needs to tailor that army to fight against the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents army.

This is the level of diversity I dream of for video games. You do get a lot of this with RPGs, but most platformers require the player to play in a specific way.

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  1. Tomb Kings for the win..but the High Elves do interest me. Do you find that you have to avoid melee most of the time? Seeing their stats, they do come off with range being the only real option.

    Bonus question: Do you own a Durthaa Model?

  2. Oh also wanted to mention that I agree with you 100% about the different styles matching the different players in Warhammer.

    As Raj and I have always said, Personality is everything in game "side" choices.

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