Posted by : Jameson Durall Sunday, June 18, 2006

I think I'm officially getting tired of MMOs.

Sarah and I used to spend HOURS playing them... but now, I find that when I actually have time to play a game, I want to accomplish something quickly. It's difficult to do that in an MMO.

I think that's the reason we keep our DAOC accts active. I can log on for 20 mins just to replace the items on my merchant and keep my in game income going. Since I've also already spent the time to level my characters, I can jump in for short periods of time to do RvR.

The real enjoyment of an MMO is playing it with friends, and getting everyone together (or playing the same MMO for that matter) is difficult these days. Even if I were to return to WoW with everyone else, That hour or so a day I'd actually have to play would likely be by myself. That same hour could be spent playing the HL2 expansion and in just a few days I'd have it finished.

I'm hoping when Star Trek Online comes out, I'll be able to play in short spurts and accomplish something. (Hint...Hint...)

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