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Since finishing up Red: Faction Armageddon, I've been spending my time on pre-production and early production on various titles at Volition.  I'm generally assigned to a project early to help guide the initial vision, prototype gameplay, and work through the issues as the project moves toward the larger team coming on board for production.

I was the original design director on Saints Row IV and spent a little over a year leading the design of the project.  There was a point where THQ wanted us to change focus a bit and add a new project, so I moved over to that new IP and left the development of SR IV to my amazing teammates.

We began work on a post-apocalyptic game set in Rio that we had code named "Zeus".  I was very hands-on here, prototyping gameplay and trying to figure out early vision for the game.  I was on the project for about a year when we were purchased by Deep Silver and asked to go in another direction.

I've spent my time since Zeus working on a new project that we have yet to reveal to the public.  As a principal designer, I am expected to evaluate the state of the project and see where I can best contribute.   Having a wide variety of skills and experience has allowed me to touch many aspects of the game.  I do a lot of early design docs, specs, prototyping, and communicating.

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