Posted by : Jameson Durall Saturday, September 26, 2015

Day 3

I woke up a couple of times last night, but was still able to get 9 hours of sleep overall which is great for me.  At first, I thought I was just sleeping longer to catch up from my trip...but two days in a row makes me feel like this process is giving me better rest!

Breakfast - Shakeology
Today I decided to have the Vegan Chocolate Shakeology along with half of a banana and a few ice cubes.  The taste is very similar to the regular chocolate, which is my favorite, but without the milk it's hard for me to tell just how similar.  Still, this tasted really good and I'm glad I saved it for the last day.

Mid-Morning - Fiber Sweep
As they recommend, I downed that stuff fast today :)  It still tastes good, lemony...but man it's way better before it starts to thicken like Day 2!

Lunch - Vanilla Refresh
I used half a banana and blended the Vanilla Refresh with Ice today and it was the best version yet!  I wish I'd been doing that the whole time.  I also tried some super spicy hummus with my carrots today and it was delicious.  I'm still stuffed after each small meal, which is amazing to me :)

Dinner - Vanilla Refresh
This meal doesn't allow the use of fruit with the Vanilla Refresh, so I just blended it with some ice which was still good.  Enough ice and it almost comes out like a milk shake.  Once again, I went for the green bean dinner and wasn't hungry after.  I can say I'm ready for real food tomorrow, but healthy options sound great.  I was surprised when I went grocery shopping today, because I wasn't lunging at everything on the shelves...I felt good and made good choices.


It's been a productive and interesting 3 days!  I was never really hungry, which is great, and the shakes were all at good to drink.  I'm down EIGHT POUNDS!  But, the best part is that this kicked me back into gear for healthy living.  I had gotten into a rut for a couple of weeks and wasn't drinking the right amount of water and was eating too much crap.  I started this with a bloated, gross feeling...and that is now gone! I'm really excited about these results and totally recommend it to anyone that wants to get a great kickstart to their healthy lifestyle.

Want to try this 3-Day Refresh journey for yourself? The PiYo & 3-Day Refresh Challenge Pack is on special this month!  PiYo is by far my favorite Beachbody workout and is perfect for anyone, regardless of their current level of fitness.  This is the perfect pack to pair with one of my 4-week Online Accountability groups.  Let me know if this sounds interesting :)

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