Posted by : Jameson Durall Tuesday, August 04, 2015

My July Challenge Group recently finished up and I am excited to share some of the results!  I worked with each of them individually at the beginning to see what kinds of goals they had for themselves.  Some examples where: lose 8lbs, fit into my size 34 jeans, and have more energy.

There was varying levels of participation, as with any group, but EVERY person achieved notable results which makes me so happy!  One participant lost 7 of the 8lbs they'd hoped for, but got back into the jean size they hoped for.  Another lost 6 lbs, but said their legs hurt less often now.  I even had a participant lose 15lbs and now their clothes are loose...good problem to have :)

The important thing to realize is that the scale alone isn't the only, or even best, indicator of health improvement.  I went for a long stretch where I was staying at around the same weight, but I was building muscle and endurance.  One participant said she lost a couple of lbs overall...but 2 inches from her waist...that's huge!

For me, I'm just so excited to see that people are able to get the same kinds of results that I achieved when participating myself.  I'm now running groups monthly! The August group is up and running and I've started filling spots for the September group.  The groups are entirely online, so you don't need to be local to participate.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in participating in, let me know!

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