Posted by : Jameson Durall Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dear 2014,

As I looked over "Jameson's Year" created by Facebook... I realized we need to have a talk. We didn't have a great time together.

Sure there were some really positive things. Kian is healthy and doing well and I got to spend some great time with him...which is always most important.  Work was great and I'm excited about what we accomplished and where we are heading. I completed a New Year's Resolution that took a year long effort.  I'm healthier and stronger than I've ever been.

The problem is, it was hard for me to recognize and appreciate the good things because of one big problem... You broke my heart.  What made it worse is that you kept kicking me while I was down and making it hard to recover. I'm having a hard time forgiving you, but it gets a little easier each day.

I'm sorry it had to end like this, things were looking so good for us in the beginning. But, now I'm focusing my time with 2015 and have real hope that I'll be happier.  It's already looking up :)

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