Posted by : Jameson Durall Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The Mall of America is somewhere I've always wanted to visit and Lisa really wanted to go back, so we decided to combine our New Year's plans with marking off our 8th state!  As it got closer to time for the trip, it began to sink in that we are going somewhere really cold and running a 10k...we didn't realize just HOW cold it was going to be.

 After spending a couple of days shopping at the mall and riding the roller coaster (life achievement unlocked!) we got up New Year's morning to prepare for the race.  It was -6 degrees outside! So, we bundled up extra heavy and even wore the penguin hats we got at race registration.

We bought hand warmers before the race and those turned out to make a HUGE difference.  The terrain was pretty flat and we did pretty well over the 6.2 miles and I got my first frosty running beard.  We were exhausted by the end, but at least we weren't running the 14 miles that some other poor souls had signed up for.  Also, there was a guy running in a Speedo.  Just a speedo :/

We got a nice fleece jacket and medal for running the race which was way nicer than the usual t-shirt.  All said, we had a great trip and experienced something new.  I doubt we will do a sub-zero run on purpose again though :)  Happy New Year!

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