Posted by : Jameson Durall Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I recently gave my launch 3DS to my son and purchased myself a 3DS XL so we can play games online together while he's not with me.  One of the games he's been really excited about is the new Animal I decided to get it for myself  and get a few days head start before I give him his copy this weekend ;)

This is my first time playing an Animal Crossing title and wasn't sure what to expect.  Yes, the art style and theme is a bit young focused, but I've been enjoying the customization options of the game so far.  You can build your town any way you want, starting by selecting a random map layout and then placing your house anywhere.  I was surprised how open the options are.

From the Game Development perspective, it was a little disorienting at first with how little they let you see of the world at once.  It is almost like you are running across a rolling pin with how the terrain folds, but this is probably necessary to draw all of the density of objects that the game allows.  You can't see very far...but the trade off for so much player choice is well worth it.  Luckily the map is always on the bottom screen so you can tell where you are going easily.

I have only played a few hours so far, but will have another post once Kian and I start playing together this weekend.

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