Posted by : Jameson Durall Monday, February 20, 2012

One of the other Designers at work has been telling me for months that I have to try the co-op in Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light but I hadn't had gotten around to it.  I picked it up recently and Kian asked if we could take a break from Rayman Origins to play it, so we jumped in...and didn't stop.

I took control of Lara and my son was anxious to play as Totec...since that was the "boy" (He hasn't yet acquired my taste of playing as a female character whenever possible!) I ran around shooting guns as he threw spears at our enemies.  Using dual stick controls for moving and aiming isn't normally one of my favorite things, but it is done well here and is easy to use.

The co-op gameplay is where this game really shines.  Lara has a grapple that she can use to grab hooks in the world and then swing across a gap or climb.  Totec can also walk the wire that this creates or she can attatch to Totec directly and use him as an anchor.  Totec can also lift his shield over his head for Lara to jump on and reach greater heights.  The levels were set up with some great increasing difficulty that challenged us to use different combinations of abilities to get through some of the more elaborate setups.

We found ourselves enjoying it so much that the time would fly by and it would suddenly be his bed time.  The game was pretty large in scope for an XBLA title so we definitely felt like we go our money's worth.  The addition of challenges in each area encourage a replay to try and get a higher score.  Well done all said :)

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