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A few months ago I heard about Fitocracy, a website in development that turns exercise into a game(similar to Chore Wars).  Since I'm a fan of achievements in general, it seemed that using this type of system might add some extra fun to working out.  I signed up for the beta, but had completely forgotten about it until I got an email from them a few days ago saying I'm in!

Months ago, my hope was that it would be a motivation to actually begin exercising, but now that I'm already exercising's a way for me to track progress and feel extra reward.  There is no better example of Gaming Weight Loss than this website!  Not only is it helping me track my exercise routines and giving me feedback, but it also provides challenges so you know what exercises to try and how often.

Each time I complete a quest, at least one more shows up for me to attempt.  It also lets me know which quests are expiring soon...this gives extra desire to try those out while they are around.  There is also the ability to save your common workouts into a routine for easier adding to the days that follow.

You also have the ability to add friends so you can monitor each other's progress and achievements.  You can make an additional game out of it by leveling faster than each other and leaving taunts in their feed.  My profile is located HERE for anyone that is interested. You have to sign up in order to see it, but I do have a few invites left if anyone is interested.  Send me a DM on Twitter @siawnhy

So far I'm still only allowed to do mild exercise with the diet that I'm on, but I'm getting in the Elliptical, Push Ups, Crunches and Pull Ups every day.  Fitocracy also has a huge list of exercises in its database and also tells you the proper way to do them.  So, once I'm ready to expand I'll have lots of suggestions.  I'm really pleased with it so far and will do an update down the road after I've been using it for a while longer.

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