Posted by : Jameson Durall Monday, October 10, 2011

Today's question comes from Rob Coble - Career Development Guru for the Full Sail Gaming Degree programs.  He asks:  "How can the students at #FSGD get the best advantage on Twitter for networking?"

I should first say that #FSGD is the hash tag that was created for all Full Sail Game Dev students to communicate easily with each other and share knowledge.  Using hash tags effectively is a great way to ensure you are seeing all the great content on Twitter that you will be interested in.  The IGDA even supports #gamejobs and #gamehires as ways for finding and posting jobs for our industry on twitter.

The obvious way to be successful on Twitter is to FOLLOW ME! Seriously though, developers are surprisingly open with followers and give a lot of great insights to people who ask questions.  Not only that, but just the general conversation between developers is interesting and you can watch it all by just following all of them.  I keep a Twitter list of Game Developers that you might consider following.

Now that we've fully covered listening to others on also really need to be active talking.  Reply to tweets that you find interesting and see if you can start a dialog with someone about it.  Don't be pushy or expect responses, but every now and then you might be surprised by the responses that you get.  Additionally, ReTweet anything that you think your followers will be interested in seeing as well.  This goes a long way to get extra followers with similar interests.

Anyone else have thoughts or further questions?  Post them below, on Twitter or Facebook!

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  1. JC Ricks says:

    Best way I've heard Twitter described by a game dev: It's a break room that lets you pick who's in it and sometimes on the way to the coffee you spark up a conversation.

    Wasn't big on Twitter till I got to FS, now I chill on it quite a bit. See cool things from the industry every day while using it.

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