Posted by : Jameson Durall Saturday, September 17, 2011

I just found out that I'm going to be at Disney World for the day during Food and Wine!  Then I realized...I don't know anything about it because I'm not usually there this time of year. I try to stay in the know on this kind of thing, so I have to get informed.

As always, I head straight to The Disney Food Blog for anything food related and find that AJ has just released a new Mini-Guide for Food and Wine!  That was an easy purchase and it's loaded with 134 pages of great info and you can get $2 off by entering the code CHEF. It does a great job of explaining what all of the events are and giving planning details.  You should download it now :)

It looks like there are over 25 booths that are added to the world showcase that have various foods and drinks from their countries.  I wonder if my liver will die trying to try something from every booth?  I may have to find out.

There are lots of Special and Signature Events that are an additional paid admission, so I have to decide if I'm interested in any of them or just want to experience the day a bit more loose.  My Tables in Wonderland card will give me a discount on tickets, so maybe I will give one a try.

Something that makes me laugh is they've created wrist band gift cards so to make paying easier.  In other words, even if you can't stand upright, you can continue to pay for your alcohol! :)  Anyway, I'm pretty excited for this since we've been down to Disney World enough times that trying new experiences sounds great.  I'll report back once I've made some plans and give details on how the day goes.

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