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I know a lot of you are're going to Disney World AGAIN?  This is a pretty special trip for us since it is not only our 10th wedding anniversary, but also our first trip without our son.

So, I'm planning things for us that we can't do with him or that he just wouldn't really enjoy.  We are heading down in Febuary 2012 so this gives me plenty of time to make some great reservations.


We have a 4 night reservation to spend a long weekend at Port Orleans French Quarter (at a great rate thanks to an awesome friend!)  We've been wanting to try a Moderate, but have held off since Kian enjoys POP Century so much and it works really well for our family needs.  But now we get to stay in a nicer room with a more adult decor...not to mention a King Bed and a water view :)

I'd like to plan a special meal for each day that we are there and preferably something that we wouldn't normally do with Kian. We get there too late for a dinner on our first airport McDonald's it is!

Since I've been hearing good things, I currently have a dinner reservation at Jiko for our 3rd night there.  We'd like to see the Animal Kingdom lodge so this is a good excuse.  There is a dress code, which is the first sign that taking a 7 year old there probably isn't ideal.  While the African, Indian and Mediterranian cuisine will be a nice change, I'm not completely sold on this dinner and am open to other ideas if you have them!

On our fourth night there we have a late reservation at California Grill in the Contemporary Resort.  I choose a 9pm Reservation so we will be there during the Wishes firework show at the Magic Kingdom which I hear is a great view.

My wife is really excited to try the Afternoon Tea at the Grand Floridian Resort, so I've made a reservation for the afternoon before we fly back home.  This should give us a relaxing afternoon and nice way to end the trip before heading back to the airport.

I've saved the most awesome meal to talk about last. We've decided to do something truly special and go for a once in a lifetime experience on the evening of our 10th anniversary (2nd evening there).  I've made a reservation for the Chef's Table at Victoria and Albert's in the Grand Floridian Resort.  We will be seated at a lone table with a full view of the kitchen and are even encouraged to speak with the chefs as they are working.

Our entire 10 course meal will be created by Head Chef Scott Hunnel uniquely for us and even comes with a printed version of our menu for each of us to take home.  The meal is said to last almost FOUR HOURS and ends with coffee and fancy dessert.  Now to just decide if we want the wine pairings as well. There's a great write-up about it over at The Disney Food Blog.

One of the things we have yet to do on our Disney Trips is take one of the tours available at the parks.  We'd really like to go, but not only would our son not really enjoy them at his age...but some even have an minimum age of 16.  So this is our chance! Now to figure out which to do.

Keys to the Kingdom Tour
I've heard a lot of good things about this tour and the WDW Today crew seem to really like it.  It would be interesting to get some behind the scenes info on the Magic Kingdom, but I'd most love to actually see the Utilidors (yes they are real)!  I am a bit hesitant to spend 4.5 hours doing this on such a short trip though.

Wild Africa Trek
I'm really leaning toward doing this new tour at the Animal Kingdom which gives close up and incredible views of the animals on the Savanna.  It's a 3 hour tour ("sings" a 3 hour tour...) that even comes with a photo cd, but I have to admit I'm wondering if it will feel right for our Anniversary trip.

So we have lots of great things planned but are totally open to new things or changes if any ideas are out there.  Suggestions?

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Sarah says:

    I'm looking forward to hearing more about this since I'm hypothetically hoping to go down to that area for our first anniversary (jobs and money permitting... so that's a big "maybe"). I want to check out Harry Potter world and some of the other theme parks, and spend a day at Disney as well, so I can't wait to hear about the fun things to do without kids.

    That 10-course meal sounds INSANE. Hope it's delicious!

  2. I'd love to check out Harry Potter, but my son would be bummed if we did that without him.

    speaking of...I gotta figure out how to break this to him.

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