Posted by : Jameson Durall Tuesday, July 19, 2011

In our past visits to Disney World we would watch the Jedi Training Academy and my son would raise his hand to be selected...but never got the chance to participate.  So, when we found out they changed the system to a first come ticket system that guaranteed your spot, we knew it was time to make it happen.

We had originally planned for this to be a sleep-in day with a late breakfast at Ohana, but decided instead to get up early and head to Disney Studios before breakfast in order to ensure he got a spot.  We arrived at park opening and headed straight to the ticket area and they even let us choose a time later in the day when we had planned to be back in the park.

After spending the afternoon resting, we arrived back at the Jedi Training area about 45 mins before his scheduled time and Kian had fun with the other kids while taking care of his ticket.

In typical Kian fashion, he had to be first in line.  He was super excited to get his Padawan robe, but notice he didn't let it cover his cool Star Wars t-shirt.

The kids were now brought on stage and given a training Lightsaber.  You would have thought he won the lottery by the look on his face.

The Jedi Master then emerged to Star Wars music and I have to admit it even got me excited.  She then moved to the front of the area and began their training.

Kian had a spot right up front and had a great time learning the moves he will need to fight Darth Vader.

After their training was complete it was time to bring out the enemy!  Vader's music began to play and the kids were quickly shuffled to one side of the stage.

It was now Kian's turn to fight Darth Vader and use the moves that he was just taught.  I thought he might be nervous but he went right at him!

The Jedi Trainer did a great job of working with the kids and making sure that they knew what to do. Here Kian steps back and ducks the swing from Vader.

Here's a video of his entire fight with Darth Vader.  Notice how she calls out his shirt :)

Once the fights were all over, they lined up the kids to give them a certificate proving they are a true Padawan.

Certificate in hand and there's nothing I could have done to make his day any more special than this.  Now I have to remember where I put that so I can frame it...

I love the new system for getting kids into the Jedi Training since it wouldn't have been possible otherwise.  The staff were all really great with the kids and quite patient.  The whole production has a much more structured feel and everyone had fun participating and watching.

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