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Magic Shots are special photos that are taken by Photo Pass photographers in the Disney World Parks. On our last trip to the world, we went on a mission to get as many Magic Shots as possible. Below are the shots that we acquired and tips on how you can get them on your next trip!

A couple of important things to know about Magic Shots is that not every Photo Pass photographer is trained to do them. So, if the first photographer you ask isn't capable...ask them to point you to someone who can.  Additionally, Magic Shots have special location requirements so you have to be in the right area of the park for them to be successful.

Our first Magic Shot encounter happened on a whim at Disney's Hollywood Studios when my wife needed went to grab a snack.  Left alone, my son and I saw a photographer and she was very excited to do some Magic Shots with us.

It was kind of fun doing a reaction to something that wasn't in the world and my son had a great time.  Stitch is one of his favorite characters so he was really excited to see how this one turned out.

The shots often take getting in a very particular position, so it's important to listen carefully to the photographer (and hope they are good at taking Magic Shots)

The photographer wouldn't tell Kian who would be appearing in this shot, because she wanted it to be a surprise.  She had no idea that Kian LOVES Minnie and has a huge crush on her.

My wife returned to find us having fun and was extremely jealous.  Luckily, this didn't stop her from getting in on the fun.

The next shot that I wanted to be sure we would get is holding baby Simba.  We only had one day scheduled at Animal Kingdom so I spent the entire day trying to find someone able to do it.  This shot was taken very close to the beautiful view of the Tree of Life along the trail between Asia and Africa.
The last Magic Shot that we were determined to get was us holding Tinker Bell.  It's only available in a few locations and had a lot of bad luck getting it at first.  The front of Epcot was our first attempt and the guy said he was getting it, but we could tell he wasn't because he didn't input any codes into the camera.  Luckily we found a photographer near Tom Sawyer island on the bridge near Splash Mountain.

She was also able to get us another great shot of Kian with his pal Stitch.  Notice it's the same setup as the earlier bench photo, but she was able to get it on steps this time.  She also told him to hold his nose which created a great scene!
There are a few shots we didn't get a chance to get, like the one near Soarin' that has Mickey, Minnie and Goofy hang gliding overhead.  But we hope to get it on our upcoming August trip.  There are also some that are seasonal, like the Hitchhiking Ghosts...but that may be tough for us since we don't normally visit around Halloween.

Magic Shots are a lot of fun and have an element of excitement as you are searching for them.  It's important to know exactly which are available and look in the right places for them.  I also just realized all of our Magic Shot photographers were women... hmm.

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