Posted by : Jameson Durall Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I had the greatest set of two hands today to end the tournament online. We just got to heads up and the guy had about 1/3 of the stack size I had.

First hand:

I was dealt 6 9 off suit, and checked to see the flop. It came Q Q K and he checked. I threw in a pot sized bet and got him to fold. I showed him the bluff as I mucked my cards.

Second hand:

He waited about 20 seconds to make his bet, so I knew he was steaming. I came over the top pre-flop and bet most of his stack. Luckily, i was dealt AK off suite so I went all in. He called with an A8 off suit. He didn't draw out on me and I won the tournament.

It was the perfect setup of me showing a bluff at the right time, then getting a dominating hand in the next hand while the opponent is steaming.

Doesn't happen so easily very often :)

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