Posted by : Jameson Durall Saturday, December 16, 2006

We had the EA Christmas party a couple of weeks ago and had an absolute blast.

They provided day care for the first so many people to respond and luckily we got a spot for our son. This was the first time he's been with a group of strangers like this, so we were prepared to not get to stay very long. But man did he surprise us. He was there from 8pm to midnight and had an absolute ball. The ladies asked us if we gave him a Redbull before we dropped him off. He was apparently the life of the party.

As for the party, I was in the process of getting over a bad stomach flu... I had only eaten once a day for the previous 4 days. They had so much awesome food from every corner of the world, so I had to try some things :) After eating we met up with some friends and went to the casino they had set up and played blackjack for the rest of the night. A Sammy Davis Jr. impersonator dropped by our table and said he had a gift card for the winner of the next hand. Luckily the dealer busted, so we ALL won :)

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