Posted by : Jameson Durall Friday, December 17, 2004

Wow... what a night.

It started with a buffet dinner that was very good, along with an open bar all night... woohoo!

Then... after various people on the team gave speeches, we were told to look under our chairs for an envelope. I was one of the lucky ones with an envelop that won me a free Xbox game! We never win anything... so that was fun for us :)

But the fun doesn't stop there....

They had blackjack, roulette, craps, and texas hold'em talbes set up for us to play on. We were all given $500 in chips to start with... and had to see what we could accumulate at the end of the night. At the end, they gave us a ticket for each $100 in chips we had left... Sarah and I ended up with 30 tickets ! We took those...and placed them in a box for various prizes we wanted a chance to win.

We've been wanting a new digital camera for so long...becuase ours is very slow, and we often miss good poses from Kian. So Sarah put all of her tickets into the drawing for a 5.1 megapixel Sony digital camera. I've been wanting the new Nintendo DS handheld gaming i put all of my tickets into it.

After a few prizes went buy... they came to the Nintendo DS... and Ryan, the Lead Artist, won that. Then it came to the Camera... and Sarah won it! I was stunned... I never would have imagined winning such an awesome prize!

Shortly after that... Ryan pulled me aside. He told me that he heard I wanted the DS really bad... and that he didn't really need it. He gave it to me! I knew Ryan was a nice guy...but I was absolutely stunned. I wanted that so bad...and he just GAVE it to me. Ryan... you sir, are a Class Act. I appreciate it so much.

On a side note... this was the first time that we've left Kian with anyone for more than an hour, and only the 2nd time EVER. Priscilla Rynning (who Sarah lived with when she was in SLO a few years ago doing mission work) came to our house to take care of him...and he did really well. We were so excited to have an evening out to ourselves, and were SO greatful for Priscilla doing this for us.

Anyway... tonight was a BLAST. Thanks Oddworld :)

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