Posted by : Jameson Durall Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I cannot believe that it's nearly Christmas already... where did the time go?

Not only that...but I've now been at Oddworld for just under a year. Seriously... time has gotten away from me.

But I love Christmas... having the house decorated, presents under the tree. The Cat eating the tree branches... climbing the tree... generally being an annyonance. We can't even put ornaments less than 3 feet from the ground, or they mysteriously disappear (peers at the cat).

I'm also SO excited for Kian's first Christmas. Yes, I know he'll have no idea what's going on...but he loves to crinkle he's gonna have a blast unwrapping his gifts.

Sarah's parents are flying out for Christmas, and that will be awesome. It's tough being so far from most of our family, and nice when we get to see them. Since I'll be off of work for a while, we should have plenty of time to visit and sight see.

ho ho ho

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