Posted by : Jameson Durall Thursday, June 18, 2015

In my Initial Post about training for my first full Marathon, I posted a picture of my potential training plan.  Since then, I have been trying out the early weeks in order to see how I like it and have decided to make a few adjustments.

My current weekly runs are already longer than the first few weeks of the program, so I just removed that part and I now begin officially training on September 21st.  Still long way off, but I'm doing a good amount of pre-training up until then.  I'm currently using my Tuesday runs as a way to increase my speed by pushing myself for .25 miles at a time and then back to normal pace for a bit.  My hope is that I can use this method to get a new PR for a 5k someday in the near future.

I've moved my long runs from Sunday to Saturday.  I found that I had the available time more often on Saturday mornings and the Y is open at 6am, instead of noon on Sundays, so weather won't stop me.  This also means that I get a full rest day on Sundays which will be great recovery for my legs

A new addition into my routine is PiYo!  It is a fantastic mix of Pilates and Yoga which just uses body weight and focuses on the core.  I sweat more from 20 minutes of PiYo than I do from 40 minutes of running.  I have Mondays scheduled for it, but will also weave it in a couple of more times when I need a good stretch or just feel up to it.

I'm currently keeping Insanity on Fridays as my High Intensity Cross Training workout each week.  I may substitute other things like Body Attack here, so I'm staying open to that.

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  1. You got this! So proud of you!!!

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