Posted by : Unknown Sunday, October 27, 2013

In July, not only did we get our 6th state in the books...but it was also my son's first race!  It's only a two hour drive to Indianapolis, so we got together a group of friends for a road trip.

We arrived the day before the race to pick up our packets and check out the area.  It was a fun race environment with lots of music and colorful banners all around.

One of the race workers came up to Kian and asked him if he'd like some sunglasses.  He picked out a pair and barely took them off for the rest of the weekend.  He obviously looked cool in them and knew it ;)

Race day arrived and we were ready to go!  I found that my normal race jitters were way less since I was more concentrated on helping Kian have a great first race experience.  We were able to get way up front for the start of the race which saved us about an hour of waiting!

The race was a 5k and there was five color stations along the way.  As you approached each one, there was a giant arch and people on each side of the lane with tons of colored corn starch to throw on us.  Every time they saw Kian coming, the people focused on him :)  This picture that Lisa took was my favorite of the day.

By the end we were covered in color and really looking forward to a shower...I'm sure the hotel staff was thrilled.  We had a great time and I was super happy to get to experience a race with both Kian and Lisa.  It was a VERY special day for me.

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