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2012 was a pretty rough year for me in a lot of aspects of my life, but I've made it through and am figuring out how to go forward.  It wasn't all bad and I did have some fantastic people helping me get through. But, there are some things I want to focus on in I guess you would call these my New Year's resolutions:

My blogging took too much of a backseat this last year and I intend to fix that.  Expect regular updates across a variety of subjects :)

Game Design
There are several books on Game Design that I want to read this year and some other activities that I want to do in order to make myself a better designer.  I'll be updating you with what I learn.

Now that I've lost the weight I need to, I'm working on keeping it off and improving my overall fitness.  I'll continue running and posting about races as well as trying new workout classes, etc.  I plan to start Triathlon training at some point soon!

I've been having a lot of fun with my Canon T3i DSLR and want to learn more about the art of photography.  I'll be posting about what I learn along the way as well as some sample photos that hopefully don't suck.

Co-Op w/ Kian
Now that my son is living apart from me, I'll be focusing on our game time together through online services like Xbox live and Steam.  I'll post about how it's going as well as looking for suggestions on new games we should try.

Keep in touch and let me know what topics or individual posts you'd like to see!

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