Posted by : Unknown Sunday, June 03, 2012

My son and I love Disney and video yes we were excited to finally get around to Disney Universe :)  The basic premise is that they've created a Virtual Reality simulator that let's people visit their favorite Disney Movies, but a virus has caused things to go wrong.  It's up to you to save the (virtual) world!

The nice thing about this kind of setup is that they could create any number of worlds, including DLC packs, and the gameplay fits with any of them.  There are also TONS of costumes to choose from and unlock and they did a great job of encouraging replay of levels in order to get new costumes as well as some that you can purchase.
The problem, is that the gameplay itself is very basic and really gives few options rather than spamming the attack button.  Each costume does have four levels that are upgraded by finding a chest in each of the levels, but he the upgrade just gives you a more powerful weapon.  While this is helpful, I would have loved to see some new abilities.

Don't get me wrong, we really enjoyed the game.  The pacing was done well and the levels were in 20 minute chunks or so which is perfect for our play sessions.  We had a great time killing the enemies together and using cooperation to not hit each other during the combat.  They also included some challenges to be found along the way which added some new gameplay for a minute or so and there was some diversity there.

We really enjoyed playing in some of our favorite movie locations and Kian is asking for the Phineas and Ferb DLC it looks like they will get more of my money!

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