Posted by : Jameson Durall Thursday, January 12, 2012
Today's question comes from Mark Galvez who asks:  

"If you had to move out of state to further your education in this career/major, would you do it knowing you'd leave behind someone you consider your best friend, as well as the family members in your home?"

This is a tough one and the answer probably varies greatly from person to person.  What I can do is tell you what it was like for me 13 years ago and how difficult a decision it was for me to make.

I knew from childhood that I wanted to make video games, but had no idea how to go about actually getting there.  I did what I could...playing lots of games and focusing on PC hardware to stay current, but that wasn't getting me any closer. Then I heard about Full Sail starting up a Game Design program, but it was in Orlando and I had never lived outside of Kentucky where most of my family resides.

I had a bit decision to I stay where I'm comfortable or move to a place where I only knew one person and essentially restart my life?  After a lot of thought I realized that it was my chance to do what I always dreamed of and had to give it a shot.  It was a huge change and became a lot of work as I gave everything I had to my education, but was TOTALLY worth it for me.

So, ultimately it comes down to how badly do you want it?  Keep in mind that this is a temporary move for your education and then you have to see what the job market provides.  Luckily these days you can make games for mobile devices easily from anywhere once you have a good education so moving back home could be an option for you.

Don't think just because someone can't make this kind of move that they don't have deep desire.  Luckily there are fantastic options online now to get a degree in Game Design and not have to relocate.  Full Sail recently added an online Game Design curriculum that I was on the advisory board for this year and I was really pleased with the program.  If you really want to learn Game Design but can't relocate...take a look.

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  1. Shawn Williams says:

    My family all lives in Oregon and California. I made the decision to move to Florida because of the support that my family showed. They wanted me to pursue my dreams and that's what I did.

  2. The good news for you is with so much Game work in California, you have a great shot of being near them again once you enter the work force.

  3. I'm at a crossroads myself and I am trying to decide if I want to take my software QA talents to the game industry. Thanks for sharing this Jameson!

  4. Hello Jameson,
    Last year I quit my job to pursue my dream career as a game designer. After countless hours of research, I chose to attend Full Sail University online for game design while completing my degree in computer science at a local university. So far, Full Sail has been a great experience. If my memory serves me correctly, you were recently elected into Full Sail's hall of fame. If so, congratulations! Jameson, you inspired me and strengthened my faith. Knowing you were a part of the advisory board gives me great satisfaction and assurance that this program meets industry standards. I now have another reason why I know I made the right decision to attend Full Sail. Thank you for supporting the university and others pursuing their dreams to be game designers.
    Dustin Klumb

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