Posted by : Jameson Durall Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I decided to try out Crysis 2 a few days ago and immediately found that the game is not color-blind friendly at all.  I've always had trouble pinpointing WHY I have issues with a particular game, but I'll try to describe the frustrations.  First, enemies blend into the world so that I cannot see them until they are either moving or firing at me.  Even then, sometimes it takes a second or two for me to decipher what's going on. Normally, I would use the mini-map to help out and it helps a little...but I still have issues figuring out where the threats are.

Pressing up on the D-pad brings up the visor mode, which I imagine is what most people use to figure out tactically what to do in this game.  But, for me the use of colors and amount of data is somehow extremely overwhelming for me.  It basically looks like information overload, so I only use it when I had to. After playing for a half hour or so, I gave up and then decided today to give it another try and see if I was getting the same results.

Those issues remain, but today there was a whole new problem that was completely taking me out of the experience.  The animations for human enemies were completely broken on over half of them in the world.  In addition, the AI was acting strangely and some of them wouldn't even attack me when I stood next to them.

This is what happened to my player when I tried to attach to the gun on the back of the truck.  That NPC is standing there in a static pose and it pulled me out of 1st person to show me stretching to the side.
Turns out nearly every enemy in the back of a truck was in a stationary pose like this, but some of them would  still fire at me and the projectiles would come from a static location near the gun barrel.
This fella just kinda stood off to the side and waited to be killed.  He wasn't even giving any radio chatter.
Now this guy was my favorite. Not only did he not attack me like the rest of the guys in the area, but when I got close to him he told me to "move it along".
This brave soul wouldn't move out of this stance even with aliens firing at and all around him.  But, he would turn his head to look me in the eyes when I got close to him.

I was pretty shocked to see this level of awful in a 360 title, but I don't want to be too critical since I know how tough this kind of thing can be to find sometimes.  But, the truth is I have been completely taken out of the experience and now just laugh as I play the game.  So, for me this means it is time to put it down and move onto something I will actually enjoy and not struggle playing.

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3 Responses so far.

  1. AUTHENTIC says:

    Completely agree, the mechanics seem good but the execution hurts the experience. The multiplayer is no different, which is a big deal breaker for me because the promise is there but once again netcode along with the bugs make it unbearable to play.

  2. Sonuchi says:

    I've encountered this situation with the first game where enemies were standing there with their arms out like a when you see them in the design software. It seems the game still has the same glitches in the 2nd game.

  3. Ahd Dib says:

    maybe that one guy was a tribute to Star Wars :)

    No seriously, hire me to find these bugs so i can has job!


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