Posted by : Jameson Durall Friday, July 02, 2010

I realized as we started Pocahontas tonight...that I've never actually seen it before.  I've seen bits and pieces and knew most of the songs, but never saw the whole movie from start to finish.  My quick impressions was that it was pretty good over all, but the didn't like the ending :)

Pocahontas (10th Anniversary Edition)

I'm trying to think of attractions at Disney World that are solely based around Pocahontas...but can't think of any.  I believe part of Fantasmic! is themed around Pocahontas.  Am I forgetting any?

There is a definite difference in the interest Kian shows between hand animated and CG films.  It's interesting to think that he's only ever known the great visual achievements of current Pixar films.  For me, most of us, we got to see it improve over time so each movie was a visual marvel.

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