Posted by : Unknown Friday, July 02, 2010

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
Well...I'm trying to play anyway. I keep getting frustrated with bogey or worse on almost every hole, so I end up quitting out.  There's so much to remember with every shot and the thing that's bugging me the most is that it doesn't always DO what it says it's going to.  For instance, I'll hit B to look at where my shot is going to land...but I have to REMEMBER that if it's in deep rough that the indicator is now lying and it will land some magical place much shorter than that.  Why doesn't it just account for that in the ending shot location?

There's also the possibility that I'm missing something entirely, so please fill me in if I am.  I even replayed the entire tutorial last night just so I could remember how to make all of these crazy shot selections. One potential bright note is the true-aim controls that makes it feel more like playing actual golf.  Maybe I'll try that out and see if I enjoy it more.

Even with all of my ranting, there is some small enjoyment there.  Though, it could be my hope of enjoyment more than any that I'm actually achieving.  It does have a good metacritic rating of 83. Give me some more time with it and maybe I'll give it a raving review. Maybe I should have bought the Wii Version.

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