Posted by : Jameson Durall Sunday, June 20, 2010

The show floor didn't open until noon but we all headed in together to arrive at 9:30 to make sure everything was in order and for an investor tour that was happening that morning.

The booth still looked like a construction site when we left the day before, so it was really great to see it all cleaned up and the L.E.O. operating.

We split up the day between the 5 of us and I had the first half with 2 others of showing the game and doing interviews.  I took the first shift of talking during the demo and had a blast seeing peoples reactions to the game as we showed it.

A couple of hours into the show I had done a few interviews here and there...then meet the crew(Luke, Aron and Christina).  I did a fun interview with them (found here)...they are a great group of people.

As the day went on there was tons more demoing and interviewing and the "half day" idea turned into the other half hanging around to spell people and do interviews.  It was an exhausting day, but people absolutely loved the game and that made it a blast to be around for.

At around 3pm PST Jim and Zug broke away to do a live demo of the game for G4TV.  It was cool getting calls and texts from people saying they are watching the game live on TV.  That segment can be found here.

Later in the day, I did the interview for the Gamespot Virtual Booth found here.

After the show as over, we decided to head back to the hotel right away.  On the way, we saw the Red Faction Armageddon truck!  Apparently this thing was driving all round town during the show, pretty slick.

For dinner, we walked over to City Walk and I convinced the others to let me scratch my seafood itch with Bubba Gump.

After that it was early to bed...I was exhausted.

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