Posted by : Jameson Durall Friday, July 04, 2008

After 58 hours of logged time (which does not calculate in time where I died and had to replay an hour or so of gameplay - probabaly adds another 15 hours) I've finally finished the story of LO. There are still optional things that I've yet to do, but I figure i'll get the itch to play again down the road and finish them up.

Likes: Feels very much like an old school Final Fantasy, Looks Amazing, Great Story, The Skill Link system is one of my favorite ability learning systems of all time.

Dislikes: Navigation Puzzles - I used to really like these kinds of navigation puzzles, but when you get attacked constantly while trying to figure something really makes things difficult. Lack of Save points at times - at one point I played for 2.5 hours in between save points...If I had died and lost that much time, I wouldn't have played it again.

Overall a great game that really shows what an old school RPG can do these days.

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