Posted by : Jameson Durall Friday, January 18, 2008

"From is reporting that Derek Anderson is looking for a contract in the Matt Schaub to Tony Romo range.Schaub signed a six-year $48 million deal before this season and Romo inked a six-year $67.5 million contract. With Brady Quinn waiting in the wings, it's unlikely that Anderson will see a six-year commitment from the Browns, but odds are that he'll be back for at least one more season, even if Cleveland has to slap the franchise tag on him. "

Ha.... HaHa..... BWAHAHA!!! you gotta be kidding me!

Anderson is trying to get a huge pay day before everyone figures out he's a .500 QB at BEST! I'll again say for the record that if I'm wrong about Anderson and he turns out to be great...I'll admit that, and be happy for my Brownies. But, IMO this dude is worth nowhere near that amount of money. If I heard he wanted that...I'd immediately say have a good career, let someone else sign him and get the 1st and 3rd this year for it.

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  1. supergg2k says:

    Derek Anderson is not going to get that kind of money from anyone. If anything he should stay put where he is and take a discount because the Browns have a shot at being competitive for the first time in a long time. Had Indy played its starters the Browns would have been in the post season. Next season I don't see them leaving their fate in someone else's hands.

  2. Jameson says:


    I've been hearing the browns are offering somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 years $24 Million. Still a bit high for my taste...but i bet most of that is back loaded.

    I still feel they will sign him to make him more trade-able.

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