Posted by : Jameson Durall Monday, December 10, 2007

My Buddy Dan is playing guitar for Tori Amos and touring with her right now. They came to Oakland this weekend and he had tickets waiting for me and my cousin. I showed up an hour or two early to have dinner with them and Dan's wife at a great place near the Paramount Theater named Flora. Great food and excellent bartenders.

We had great seats in the 10th row center and then went back stage for a few and then back to Flora afterwards.

The most amazing part of the show was when Tori played a piano and organ at the same time while singing. Who does that?

There was a guy in the row ahead of me with binoculars... do you really need to see Tori's nose hair?

They were filming the tour DVD which was a new experience for me at a concert. There were cameras constantly moving about and they'd pause every few songs to fix Tori's hair.

The crowd was interesting...mainly women and gay guys it seemed. The first few rows were really animated, which makes me wonder if they were plants for the DVD filming.

It was a good time

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