Posted by : Jameson Durall Sunday, October 07, 2007

it's much easier to blog on my pc than my phone :)

We had a fantastic vacation over the last 10 days. We spent a couple of days with Sarah's aunt and uncle before heading to disneyland, then another day with them before heading home. It was really great to be with them again...we miss living so far from family. Sarah's uncle and I get along great: talking football, comics, tv and movies. Not to mention having a blast playing Madden 08 franchise mode(with fantasy draft!)

As for Disneyland, it was a GREAT time. I was really worried when my 3 year old son freaked out at Rainforest Cafe the day before we even went to the park. They tried to seat us right next to a screaming Gorilla...he lost it.

Once we got to Disneyland the next day...he had no issues. Actually...he really surprised me by being quite the opposite. He wanted to ride anything and everything they would let him ride and as soon as we stepped off a ride he was asking to ride more. The only things he couldn't ride were Space Mountain, Star Tours, Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain. Everything else had a 35" or no height he was golden. He rode the Matterhorn twice, the Gadget coaster 18 times, and everything else at least once. It was a blast :)

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