Posted by : Jameson Durall Monday, January 01, 2007

We took Sarah's parents and headed to Sausalito (a little town across the water from San Francisco) so that we could get a Ferry into the Wharf. The Ferry ride was fun, Kian enjoyed it. We got to Pier 39 a little after noon so we headed to the Hardrock Cafe to get some lunch. This was our first trip to Pier 39 so I was surprised at how many shops there were there. After lunch we did some looking in the shops and then decided that we should check the Ferry schedule to get back to Sausalito.

It was about 3:30...and the guy says that they are done going to Sausalito for the day. are we supposed to get back to our car? Oh! well you'll probably want to take the Trolly down to the Ferry building. Ok, exept we find that the Trollies are JAM packed with people and nowhere to fit a stroller. So, our only shot is to walk to pier 1. About 2-3 miles and 30-40 minutes later we arrive at the Ferry Building. Keep in mind, that we really have no idea if this option is going to work...but it's the only one we have.

We get into the Ferry Building and go to the ticket stand and ask for 4 tickets to Sausalito. The guy responds: "Oh, Tickets to Sausalito are Sold Out-..." This is where Randy and I start to panic. Then I hear him say, go out and turn right and the ticket office will be on your left. Wait...he said the tickets are sold OUT-SIDE.

So, we head outside and are able to get our tickets to get back to the Car. It was a beautiful trip back going across the bay at night. The city is gorgeous when it's all lit up.

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