Posted by : Jameson Durall Sunday, October 15, 2006

I've been trying to play more games that have a co-op option lately since my wife enjoys playing games with me. We were both super excited to get Lego Star Wars 2 on the 360 since we both enjoy star wars and it appears to be light hearted fun.

We loaded it up to find essentially NO tutorial section. Since neither of us had played the predecessor, we had no idea how to play the game. Turns out the initial area is a bit of a sandbox to experiment in...which is fine...but SOME kind of tutorial that we didn't have to search for would have been nice.

We enjoyed playing through the first part of episode VI...with some mild frustrations, but after that it went got worse. Having co-op without split-screen is officially a no no in my book. The cameras have to be REALLY controlled the whole time and it's hard for 2 players to navigate since they have to be very cautious of the other player. Since we are new to the game, it was pretty hectic on scree, we were shooting each other a lot, and we were often forcing the other player into bad spots since we had a hard time focusing on everything that was going on.

There was even a point where we couldn't figure out how to get both players past a jump...and since it forces the 2nd player to remain on screen, when I'd make the jump it would pull my wife into a cavern to fall to her death. We actually had to have her drop out of the game, then I made the jump, and she got back in the game afterwards. Unbelievable.

Anyway, we're a bit frustrated by the co-op experience right now, but we do play to forge onward! The humor set on a familiar space has been very fun for us. The game is actually very easy to play and the ability to drop in and out of game is nice. They also do a great job of showing how much overall progress you've made after each level by showing how many of the total characters you've unlocked, etc.

Also to note, since we are newbs to the game, we're hoping that our frustration level lowers as we get more used to the mechanics.

I'm sure I'll have more to say about it once we get further into the experience.

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