Posted by : Jameson Durall Friday, June 23, 2006

I've been reading a preview in GCW for Warhammer Online, and I'm impressed with the direction they're taking the game.

"You won't be killing rats to prove your mettle in the beginning; you're defending your town from invading force"

"Your character improves visibly as you improve"
meaning your character gets bigger and looks more impressive. So you know not to mess with the Orc that has a sword as big as you are.

You can also change professions, so you're not stuck to one class. I loved the way Final Fantasy XI did that.

"The idea is that every action you take will further your side in the war."
Awesome! The maps integrate PVP and PVE areas together.

"You won't be making any quilts in Warhammer Online, unless you're lacing them with an infectious disease"

I'm really getting excited for this, since i'm a huge PvP fan. The game, at least in idea, is trying to really integrate PvP and PvE together into a seamless experience.

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