Posted by : Unknown Sunday, October 21, 2012

As soon as I was finished with My Extra Life Gaming Marathon, it was time to do my first Zombie Run! I mean...who needs to sleep right?  Also, I couldn't let Lisa do the run alone and hear about how she got infected because I wasn't there to be slower than her and get caught in her place.

I wasn't sure what to expect, but assumed it was a 2 mile run where I'd need to speed up occasionally to avoid Zombies.  Oh man, it was way different.  We each were given a belt with three flags on it and in order to "survive" we had to make it to the end with at least one flag left.  They put is in groups of 9 plus an ROTC guide and loaded us on an evacuation bus so we could get to the evacuation helicopter safely.  Along the way, the bus stops and we find that our driver has been infected!  We opened the rear door of the bus and everyone poured out and ran toward the bridge.

As we approached the bridge, I got my first eerie feeling.  It was a single person bridge that we had to cross with a zombie standing at the other end. The guide yells "We have to run for it!" so we all took off across the bridge.  The rest of the evening was us jogging to the next point and then all out sprinting...not what I was expecting!

As we approached one of the locations, I was looking behind us as a group of slow moving zombies were coming our way.  Then suddenly a couple more came running out of the brush right beside of us and I turned to stare one in the face!  I was able to turn quickly and get away with all of my flags, but that got my heart rate up quite a bit.  It got dark during our run and a good portion of it took place in thick woods.  It was pretty freaky overall.
We got through most of the encounters without losing a flag...until we ran into some of our friends.  They decided to wrap their arms around us and hold us down until another came and took our flags!  It was a rough encounter, but a lot of fun.  They had great costumes and their makeup was professionally done.

The Zombie Run was a total blast and I'm really happy we did it.  Next year we are talking about changing roles so we are Zombies while our other friends get to experience running the race. I was able to hold onto one of my flags and make it out alive!

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