Posted by : Jameson Durall Monday, April 04, 2011

I'm currently on my flight from Chicago to Los Angeles and was happy to find that wi-fi was available.  I'm happy to pay $10 for 4 hours of internet, especially since I need to do some work on my Game Design Course and don't have the One Note file synced to my laptop yet.  My traveling is going to put some of my deadlines at risk so I need whatever time I can find to be working on it.

The Unofficial Guide to Ireland (Unofficial Guides)

I've already learned something about myself today...I need some kind of paper material to read while traveling.  I generally carry my laptop, 3DS, and Kindle...but find that i'm too anxious to use them in the airport for very long and they must be turned off during takeoff.  I brought the The Unofficial Guide to Ireland with me since i'll be heading there next week and found that I could focus and enjoy it at times I normally wouldn't feel like reading.  So, lesson learned!  I've also brought a Pokemon instruction manual so I can learn the rules and play with my soon when I get home.

I also decided to turn on Streetpass for my 3DS and see if I gather any interesting Miis while on my trip.  I hadn't yet explored the functionality and found an interesting game where you utilize Miis to play.  This does encourage finding more!  I got one in just one our of being in the Chicago Airport and am anxious to see what LAX will provide. Not to mention when I'm walking around the offices of Gametrailers and G4TV tomorrow.  I'll update if I get anything interesting.

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