Posted by : Jameson Durall Monday, June 21, 2010

The last day of E3 was much slower than the guess is because they were all as tired as I was.  I had the morning shift off so I took some time to walk around the floor.  It didn't last long though because I was exhausted and wanted to head back to the booth.  As I got back...there was a pleasant surprise.

Today turned out to be the day of award nominations for Red Faction: Armageddon!  We even won the best of show award from Game Chronicles. We were all very excited to say the least.  Everyone seemed to really love our game and it was nice to see some recognition of that.  The E3 show awards don't come out for another week or so, but we're crossing our fingers.

After a long week and a lot of talking, we were all pretty exhausted. As the show came to an end we had to do one last demo, as Adam and Abbie showed up just as they said they would along with a few of their friends.  We filled up the room around them with people wondering what on earth I was about to do...even had some people ask me if I was sure about this.

Before long everyone was happy with what I had in mind to show and the room even broke out in applause several times during the play through.  So I'd say it went well :)

We then headed back to City Walk for dinner at Tony Romas and I reminded Zug of a bet he'd made before we left Champaign, IL.  He hasn't drank alcohol in 15 years and promised that he'd have a drink if we got nominated for any awards at the show.  So, true to his word...he ordered and drank a Long Island Ice Tea.

The entire show went great!  The game showed really well and we didn't have any technical difficulties...which amazed me.  Here's looking forward to our next showing...Comicon! (I hope to be there too)

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