Posted by : Jameson Durall Thursday, June 26, 2008

I think it has been for my family. Hence the drought in my blogging...

It started about 3 weeks ago, shortly after coming home from a memorial weekend trip. Our dog, Toby, began vomiting and having general stomach troubles along with his hind legs being weak. We gave him a few days to get over it before taking him to the vet and they started him on some meds that got rid of the vomiting but he kept getting weaker.

While we're dealing with that... we find out this past weekend that our neighbors(that we share a wall with) have water standing in their kitchen. After having a leak detection guy come out...the leak is in our lines under the slab. ugh. This is no simple fix... as all of the 1st floor lines are run under the slab and have to be re-ran through the walls and ceilings...coming to a total of almost $8000!

A couple of days after this...we take Toby back to the vet because not only can he not stand up very well, but he now cannot shut his mouth and his eyes are drooping. It had been nearly 4 days since he was last able to eat. Our vet had us visit a specialist and long story short...we're at home with Thyroid meds as a last resort, hopeful that it's the problem. If it is...he'll recover. If it isn't, he'll likely pass soon.

Either of these things would be hard enough to deal with on their own...but both together has been overwhelming.

The good news is that there was a class action law suit because of how the piping was done and we'll be getting a check next week to take care of a large portion of the cost. They start the work on our pipes tomorrow.

As for Toby, it's just a wait and see. We've not seen any improvement with the meds...but it can take time.

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